The Millennial - Episode 2

TECHNICAL SPECS: ARRI Alexa Mini & JDC Zeiss Xtal Xpress T1.4 anamorphic lenses


Noel Braham, Philip Michael, Dwight Hicks, Paris Scott.

DIR - Noel Braham 

DP - Mario Contini

Fight Coordinator - Philip Michael

​EP- Lyndon Beresford

AP - Juliene Wimborne / Socorro Polanco

Music By: Philip Pierre

Vocals By: Drew Anthony

Costume Design by: Leontine Abdullah

PA: D'Andre Anthony


Skye Rentals, Joe Pro Boxing, & Axiom Print & Designs.

The Millennial - Episode 6


Entering his first amateur fight, a young boxer reflects on his past as he prepares to take on his biggest challenger outside the ring; love and sacrifice. 


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