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Check out Philip Michael as Elijah the Mantamaji. By Creator/director ERIC DEAN SEATON and with the Lead Actor PHILIP MICHAEL.

3 days shooting this spectacular work. Rehearsals and shoot on the same day. All chore learned and performed as they went.

Watch full Episode via link below

The Legend of the Mantamaji

Project Location: Filming LA

Set In: New York

Creator/Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Genre: Action 

Initial Theme: Graphic Novel

Cast: Philip Michael, Dan Southworth

Status: Pre-production

Producer: Chris Phillips

Shoot date: Jan 2015

Stunt and Fight Coordinator: Mitch Gould

Fight and stunt consultant: Wayne Dalglish

Stunts: Philip Michael (Own Stunts)

Dan Southworth (Own Stunts)

Seth Austin, Donald Mills, Ruben Langdon

and more