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The Legend of the Mantamaji

Project Location: Filming LA

Set In: New York

Creator/Director: Eric Dean Seaton

Genre: Action 

Initial Theme: Graphic Novel

Cast: Philip Michael, Dan Southworth

Status: Pre-production

Producer: Chris Phillips

Shoot date: Jan 2015

Stunt and Fight Coordinator: Mitch Gould

Fight and stunt consultant: Wayne Dalglish

Stunts: Philip Michael (Own Stunts)

Dan Southworth (Own Stunts)

Seth Austin, Donald Mills, Ruben Langdon

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Check out Philip Michael as Elijah the Mantamaji. By Creator/director ERIC DEAN SEATON and with the Lead Actor PHILIP MICHAEL.

3 days shooting this spectacular work. Rehearsals and shoot on the same day. All chore learned and performed as they went.