Credits and then some ....

=== Film ===
2018, Film, Gym Owner, Broken in Boston, Kathy Leroy
2017, Film, Antonio, Black Hole, Long Take Productions
​2012, Film, Male stripper, Dutch movie
2008, Feature Film, Pepper, Mamma Mia Movie, Starplay and universal pictures, Phylida Lloyd
=== Television ===
2017, Television, Mechanic, Marvel's Luke Cage, ABC
2017, Television, Stunt Fighter, Marvel's Luke Cage, ABC
2016, Television, Hoverboard Zombie, Jimmy Kimmel, CBS
2015, Television, Aro Ninja, Late Late Show James corden, CBS,
2015, Television, Stunt Coordinator, Late Late Show James corden, CBS, CBS
2015, Television, Assistant choreographer, Little Big Shots - Steve Harvey Show, NBC at CBS, Steve Harvey
2015, Television, TaeKwonDo Expert, Lucha Underground, Lucha TV, Diego Gutierrez
2014, Television, Normandie Gang , Major Crimes, Warner Bros, Stacey K. Black
2012, Television, Boxer, Ray Donovan
2012, Television, Thug, Will to Live
2008, Television, Jamaj, Londoners, Twilight Int. Entertainment Ltd, Greg Zglinski
2007, Television, Lead Thug, Crimewatch, BBC Television, Michael Armit
2007, Television, Joshua Udenze (core cast), Fair City, RTE, Paul Fitz , Paul Cusack (and various)
2006, Television, Joshua Udenze (core cast), Fair City, RTE, Paul Fitz , Paul Cusack (and various)
2005, Television, Joshua Udenze (core cast), Fair City, RTE, Paul Fitz , Paul Cusack (and various)
=== Commercial ===
2017, Commercial, Action Villain and Tricker, Jackie Chan/Wild Aid, Kevin Donovan
2015, Commercial, Martial Artist/Acrobat, GMC MOTORS - SHOWROOM, Popko productions, Daniel Sheppard
2015, Commercial, Principal/Stunt Acro, Nike - Eruption, MJZ, Steve Ayson
2015, Commercial, Blue Ranger, Power Rangers Toy commercial, Sideshow Prod., Chris Folino
2013, Commercial, Malik, Mcdonalds -Running Late, Mcdonalds, Mark Smukler
2012, Commercial, Guy 2, Toyota Scion, Hive & Three point stance
=== Short Film ===
2017, Short Film, Rich (Pro Boxer), The Millennial, Noel Braham Productions, Noel Braham
2017, Short Film, Fight Choreographer, The Millennial, Noel Braham Productions, Noel Braham
2015, Short Film, Producer/Fight Choreographer, Exile: A Star Wars Fan Film, Noel Braham Productions, Noel Braham / Pokey Spears
2015, Short Film, Elijah/Mantamaji, Legend of the Mantamaji, illusion industries, Eric Dean Seaton
2014, Short Film, Terry, Killing Floor, Type AB, Adam Schindler
2013, Short Film, OSOSHI, DEUSES DE DIUS MUNDOS, Lord Danger, Anthony Liu
2012, Short Film, Mike, Control, 4x4, Nigel Bristow
2011, Short Film, Turk, Absolution, Ravi Vora Productions, Ravi Vora
2011, Short Film, Elson, Battle, Elisabeth Dell productions, Emily Dell
=== Interactive Video ===
2007, Interactive Video, Friend, BBC Bitesize, BBC, Andrew Lees
=== Stage ===
2016, Tricker, Flashmob America
​2005, Stage, Horse, Mandarin, Indian Boy, Poppy, Landor Theatre, Sue Colgrave
2005, Stage, Romeo, Romeo and Juliet, Avondale Theatre, Harriet Whitbread
2004, Stage, Count Claudio, Much Ado About Nothing, Landor Theatre, Tatiana Krimpass
2003, Stage, Soldier, Red Red Shoes
2003, Stage, Grumio, Taming of the Shrew, Landor Theatre, Steve Mosley
=== Music Video ===
2015, Music Video, Stunt Action Lead Man/ Cop / Gangster/ Shaft, Snoop Dogg - So many Pros, Peligroso, Francois Rousselet

2014, Music Video, Henchman, Twin Shadow, Doomsday prod.

2013, Music Video, Bully the Kid, Just Move, Aimfilms
2007, Music Video, Soldier, "You cant Rap" by Example, Holse Films, Henry Schofield 

=== Promos ===

2017, Boxing Promo, Mike, Mittology, JAM.