I have added an awards section since they have been increasing so now it has its own segment.

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Hi, its a pleasure to have you look on my page. Well, this is my acting site and has info about me in this field. I graduated from Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic art in London. That was a major challenging journey in itself. Im grateful my faith kept me pressing on. Now in my acting journey i continue to press with enjoyment, of course there are a lot of challenges but i am more than an overcomer by faith. Enjoy my site.




So whats coming up?  Legend of Mantamaji has won multiple festival awards in different categories and competitions. I took the award for best Male Superhero at the Urban Action Showcase 2025. 

Star Wars: Exile has had its online release. It was a pleasure having Christopher Nolanat the premier. I co Produced and Stunt Coordinated.

My action short CONTROL i shot in Belfast has won Gold Division at the Atlanta Spotlight Film Festival

Go to my videos and watch the trailer for Control.

Oh and that's me and Jackie Chan below